PID Systems have a successful history of providing security solutions within a wide range of retail environments and offer proven cost savings vs out of hours man guards.

There are a variety of reasons why our hardware is the correct choice within your retail setting. As the equipment is mobile, it can be a visible deterrent overnight within a store at windows and rear exits and can then be transferred to a concealed area during daytime opening hours along with our highly visible signage on vulnerable access points.

Traditionally, PID Systems equipment can be utilised by any retailer who has experienced a break in or are concerned about a repeat break in. PID Systems offer a swift installation process after initial request. Our highly knowledgeable survey team can carry out free site surveys to assess vulnerable access points to the retail unit which typically include entranceways, rear exit doors, stock rooms and high value assets on the shop floor.

Our equipment can be installed across larges number of sites in a short time period at certain points of the year dependent upon the retailer’s needs. For example, Christmas can be a particularly susceptible time for theft within stores and logistic locations therefore our equipment can be easily off-hired and re-installed, depending on the retailer’s requirements.

A four-year battery life ensures that our equipment will be reliable for the duration of a lengthy hire. Our hardware is immune to the problems experienced by traditional providers and is a cost-effective and economic alternative to man guard services and traditional security systems that lack the flexibility PID has with its batter powered, wireless range of products.

The PID System is supported by our fully equipped BS EN50518 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) with a team of SIA trained operatives made up of retired police officers who ensure a 24 hour a day, reliable service.